Principal dates

Be aware of key University dates to stay on top of your enrolment, breaks, exams and other important deadlines. COVID visit our comprehensive webpage for information about the additional support and services we’re providing to help minimise the disruption COVID has on your studies. All date changes are now reflected in the Handbook. Note that incorrect subject census dates may continue to show on your student invoice or statement of liability. You should refer to the Handbook as the source of truth for your subject census dates. Your Student Invoice will still display the correct payment due date. Census dates are different for each subject. If you are studying a non-standard subject, your key dates will not appear in the table above. Check your subject entry in the Handbook for the last date to withdraw without fail, last date to self-enrol, the subject-specific assessment period and more.

Graduation Information

Special Characters — If you have special characters in your name that should be printed on your diploma such as hyphens or accent marks, etc. Please be as specific as possible. Be sure to enter a mailing address that you will be able to receive mail for at least 3 months after graduation.

All students must apply for graduation. Make sure to Requirements Deadline: January 24, ; Graduation Date (Conferral): January 25, Graduation.

Students receiving graduate degrees and certificates except O. Each doctoral candidate should ask his or her dissertation committee chair or a committee member to participate in the hooding ceremony. If no one from your committee is available to serve in this capacity, the person whom you ask to assist in the hooding must be a faculty member in your program. Faculty should inform the Graduate School of their plans to attend and to provide the names of any doctoral candidates they intend to hood.

Upon completion of your degree requirements and the absence of financial holds, diplomas are mailed approximately within 5 weeks after the graduation date to the address listed on your Application for Degree form. After degree requirements are completed, degrees are posted to student academic transcripts within two weeks.

Degree Congregation dates

Baccalaureate degrees are not granted automatically when students complete degree requirements. You must apply for graduation. Please note: Pursuant to Executive Order , students seeking a second baccalaureate degree will only be considered for nursing majors. Students who anticipate meeting bachelor’s degree requirements by the end of a term should submit an application for a degree to Undergraduate Degree Evaluations within the first four weeks of that term.

Failure to apply before the final deadline will delay the granting of the degree. Degrees are not awarded to students with I incomplete or RD report delayed grades remaining on their records.

High achieving students who will graduate from an Illinois high school can be eligible for a renewable $10, award under this scholarship program.

Registration is the process of choosing and enrolling in courses as well as dropping courses or making other changes. It all starts with you knowing your registration date and time. There are two terms where you will be given a specific date and time for registration. Students in these programs should speak with their faculty, college or school regarding any important dates and deadlines.

Your Aurora account will help you learn about the specific requirements of the program you’ve chosen. You’ll create a timetable for your classes and register. At tax time, it will provide your tax receipt. Let Aurora take the worry out of registration. The registration revision period is the first two weeks of the start of term. Courses dropped during this period are not recorded on official transcripts or student records, and a tuition refund will be granted for dropped courses that have already been paid for.

Once the registration revision period ends, you can still Voluntarily Withdraw from a class, however, it will be recorded on your transcript and student history and you will not receive a tuition refund. Withdrawals are a way for students to leave a class without Academic Penalty.


The university will return to campus this fall. Read our plan at www. Have an overall GPA of 2. In order to participate, walkers must file their petitions by February 1, Once you have filed your petition on the web as a Participant, you will need to fill out a ParticipantContract with the Office of Academic Services in Jennison Hall, 3rd Floor. Students that are within 6 credits of completing their degree are allowed to participate in the ceremony, but are not considered graduates.

Make sure you apply to graduate before the deadline passes. IU network ID, you can apply for graduation online or change or cancel your graduation date.

Call , M-F, 10 a. Please allow for extended response times. All times are pacific time PT. To apply for graduation, undergraduate students must complete the Online Graduation Application. Students who wish to apply to graduate but have been separated from the University for at least three months must contact the Office of the University Registrar. To provide evidence of graduation and the completion of the degree requirements prior to the formal degree posting to the student record, please refer to the Education Verifications webpage.

Undergraduate students must apply and fill out their graduation application by the appropriate deadline for the quarter in which they are filing to graduate. Late applications for graduation are not accepted. The application deadlines are as follows. Note on Minors. Minors are not added to student records until approximately a month after the student’s graduation date; after their graduation is approved by the dean’s office.

Do not wait for your minor to show up on your record before applying to graduate. Add the minor in your application, it will be added to your record later. Note : This is not an inclusive list.


The final review of your graduation application takes about 2 weeks from the time we process academic standing on August 18th. This means that most degrees will be posted by August 31, Learn how to view your unofficial transcript and get more information about the timing of your diploma [pdf]. This letter will outline outstanding degree requirements. See the next steps [pdf] you may need to complete your degree.

Everything you need to know about graduation for undergraduate students from how to apply to degree awarding.

Students must apply for graduation via their HUB Student Center prior to the published deadline dates listed below:. A final evaluation of UB Curriculum and university degree requirements will be completed by a degree auditor in the Office of the Registrar. Each academic department determines if academic major requirements have been met.

All university, major, minor, concentration and certificate if applicable requirements must be satisfied on the HUB Academic Advisement Report prior to degree conferral. Students who find that they are not eligible to graduate on their applied degree conferral date should complete and submit Graduation Update Form to inform the Office of the Registrar in writing of their new degree conferral date.

Diplomas are mailed to the permanent address within HUB within four to five weeks after the conferral date. Students should make certain that the university has their correct permanent address. Grades shall not be changed more than one term subsequent to degree conferral, i.

Graduation & Commencement

All students must apply for graduation. Make sure to apply by the deadline listed below to be considered as a candidate for graduation. Schools and departments may set earlier deadlines for some items. It is the student’s responsibility to apply for graduation via Albert within the application period. Dates above subject to change.

The Undergraduate and Postgraduate Graduation Ceremonies will take will still be officially conferred (awarded) on the original Graduation date of Friday 18​.

Disclaimer – every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information on this webpage. However, changes to these dates may occur. Important date changes. Archived university key dates. All dates: All dates. Currently filtered dates: Currently filtered dates. Refer to Office support for instructions on how to add the University Key Dates to your Outlook calendar. Students may be required to attend sessions or placements on a public holiday or university concession day – please check with the relevant Year Manager for further information.

Key dates. University Key Dates.

Deadline Centre

You have worked diligently to reach this point, and myself, as well as my staff would like to commend you on all of your academic accomplishments thus far. Now you are faced with the final and easiest step to achieve your degree: applying for graduation. Below you will find all of the tools and information necessary to complete that task. All students must apply for one of three graduation dates: May 31, August 31, or December Follow the instructions below based on your degree status:.

students. For the purpose of this procedure only, the collective reference to staff (‘​you’) includes: post-graduate including Higher Degree by Research). For example, dating, romantic, sexual etc. which is consensual.

Congratulations, you have almost completed your undergraduate degree at Hamline. Make sure you complete the following steps prior to your graduation date for a smooth transition into post-grad life. This puts you on a list for important emails about commencement and senior events, and helps us help you stay on track to complete your degree requirements.

The GPA is not rounded up. Talk to your faculty advisor about Departmental Honors. If you are working towards University Honors be sure to check in to make sure you are on track. For more information on Exit Counseling please contact Financial Aid at or finaid hamline. Settle your student account with the Student Accounts Office. You will not receive your diploma or transcript until your student account is paid in full.

Graduation: Change of Graduation Date

Please note, significant changes to criteria are expected for the Fall cycle. Please check back in August for more information. It also prioritizes your application for consideration for many of our scholarship programs. Some merit-based programs may still consider financial need. The programs listed below highlight just the major awards available at UIC.

This list is not meant to be exhaustive.

Duke undergraduates are expected to complete their degree in eight semesters. However, some students may wish to shorten or extend their.

Our websites may use cookies to personalize and enhance your experience. By continuing without changing your cookie settings, you agree to this collection. For more information, please see our University Websites Privacy Notice. Graduation is not automatic; students who are candidates for graduation must apply to graduate through the Student Administration System , after which the Degree Audit section of the Office of the Registrar will determine whether all degree requirements will have been satisfied by the end of the semester.

Apply to graduate by the fourth week of your final semester for each degree you are completing or the spring semester for summer graduates. You are able to apply once registration for your last semester opens up. Applying by the fourth week ensures you will be included in Commencement communications. For more information about using the system to apply for graduation, see Apply for Graduation on the Student Administration System Help website.

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